Welcome to PhASMa

  • Welcome to PhASMa

    PHotonic Applications Structures MAterials group "Photonics: the science of generating and harnessing light." PHotonics Applications Structures and MAterials (PHASMA) is a new research activity established at the Department of Materials Science, a fast-growing nanosciences oriented Department developing since 1999 at the University of Patras, the third largest University of the country. PHASMA is devoted to frontier research in Photonics. It envisions the blending of nanophase materials and functionalities induced by design, geometrical and structural manipulation in the micro and nanoscale as the route to scientific and technological innovation. PHASMA develops on the strong basis of diverse complementary expertise, background and contributions of its team members.

Highlights in Photonics

»Unexploded bomb safely defused by laser method 
| German research project DEFLAG reports successful field trial of 2kW laser decommissioning process.  

»UK politician demands photonics sector recruits more women 
| Laser physics graduate Carol Monaghan MP praises industry at Photonex but tells it to take more posi  

»NASA backs ColdQuanta to shrink quantum apparatus 
| $1M award intended to accelerate commercial deployment of laser-cooled atomic systems.   

News and Events

Εκδήλωση Εκδήλωση "Φως και Ζωή", στο πλαίσιο της Διακήρυξης της UNESCO ‘Διεθνές Έτος Φωτός 2015’ Monday, 31 December 2018   Την εκδήλωση διοργάνωσαν οι ερευνητικές ...


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